Coagulation Factor based therapeutics

 Coagulant Therapeutics seeks to address acute bleeding, a significant area of unmet medical need and includes the indications post partum hemorrhage, intracranial hemorrhage, traumatic brain injury and blunt trauma.

Translating Coagulation Factors into unique therapeutics

Using 100+ years of collective experience and, as a spin out from Bayer AG, builds on over 30 patents from Bayer and Maxygen, Coagulant Therapeutics has developed an optimized and proprietary rFVIIa molecule, termed CT-001, for the safe and effective pharmaceutical intervention for the treatment of acute bleeding.


CT-001 represents a novel pharmaceutical treatment in an area of high unmet medical need, acute bleeding.

Understanding Coagulation

Coagulant Therapeutics is executing on the final development of a late stage drug candidate that leverages significantly on clinical experience with marketed coagulation factors, like FVIIa.

Clinical Experience

Building on the proven clinical activity of FVIIa to stop bleeds, we have engineered the molecule to both enhance it’s activity and engineered in additional safety measures to ensure the balance of enhanced potency with increased safety for acute bleeding.


Medical Need - Acute Bleeding

Traumatic injury is the leading cause of death in young people (age 1-46). Currently, 20-40% of hemorrhage-related deaths are considered potentially preventable with rapid hemostatic control and improved resuscitation techniques.

There are currently very few options for treating life-threatening, non-compressible hemorrhage. Consequently, hemorrhage remains a leading cause of death in both the civilian and military settings. Recombinant FVIIa molecule is being used to treat many acute bleeding situations due to the lack of rapid, alternative treatments. However, FVIIa has had mixed results in the clinical setting, with varied efficacy rates complicated by thromboembolic events.

Coagulant Therapeutics offers a safer and more effective treatment for life-threatening, non-compressible hemorrhage.

Acute Bleeding Need

There is no FDA- or EMA-approved systemic hemostatic agent for the treatment of severe bleeding. This represents an opportunity in a large market with unmet medical need.

The CMC process development program leverages nearly 8 years of Bayer experience in developing a clinical grade recombinant FVIIa and we are leveraging this process to develop CT-001.

Obstetric Emergencies, i.e. PPH

US: Estimated 16,000 patients
Europe: Estimated 20,000 patients
Japan: Estimated 5,000 patients

Intracranial Hemorrhage (ICH)

US: Estimated 60,000 patients
Europe: Estimated 45,000 patients
Japan: Estimated 15,000 patients

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

US: Estimated 140,000 patients
Europe: Estimated 125,000 patients
Japan: Estimated 50,000 patients

Trauma / Acute Coagulopathy of Trauma

US: Estimated 150,000 patients
Europe: Estimated 125,000 patients
Japan: Estimated 40,000 patients


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